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Feeling like you could only bring some parts of yourself to the therapy space and not all parts? 

  • Maybe you have been in a situation where you had to explain part of your Black experience and it just didn’t click with the therapist.

  • Maybe you left out bits and pieces because you didn’t feel like having to go through explaining what you meant. 

  • Maybe you had a therapist waste time convincing you that they weren’t racist. 

  • Maybe you experienced a microaggression by a therapist like being told you “spoke well” or having your name mispronounced over and over again. 


Whatever it’s been, it hasn’t made you feel comfortable. It hasn’t made you feel safe…and moreover it hasn’t helped your healing. 


You need a therapist who:

  • Can relate to your experiences as a Black woman because it is a shared experience

  •  Will ask questions out of curiosity but most importantly through the lens of cultural humility 

  • Will create space for you to bring all parts of yourself to therapy and welcome you with open arms 

  • Will be aware of their own implicit (and explicit) bias and be able to correct themselves when they are wrong


...and a little “okay girlll,” or “Sis, I see you” every now and then doesn’t hurt! 

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