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The mission of POD Counseling aims to guide millennial women of color on a path of discovery, healing, and self-reflection by examining, envisioning, and exploring how they can better manage stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

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I'm Here to Support You 

Maybe you have never been to counseling. This is an opportunity for you to dive into the innermost parts of who you are in a non-judgmental setting with a person who has the expertise and knowledge to guide you on this path.

You don’t have to wait until you are in crisis to see a counselor. It is time that we care for our mental and emotional health before it becomes overwhelming.


The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Me

I get it. Seeking counseling is a huge first step, and you have probably searched and searched to find the right person that best suits your needs. You've read bios, you've searched their social media, and you still just aren't sure. You may have even had a counselor once that you just didn't vibe with. 

The most important qualifier is that I have sat in your seat. I don't just have the educational background and expertise to provide quality care, but I have gone to therapy myself and found how beneficial it is to my life. I know what it's like to be on the other side of the chair... to pour my heart out to someone I'm not sure I should trust... to develop a meaningful therapeutic relationship... and then see the beauty unfold as I learn about myself and how to adjust my thinking and resolve issues of my past. This journey you are getting ready to go on is special and important to your growth and I'm honored to be considered on your path of discovery. 



Some of my qualifications:

8 years in the field, licensed since 2015; Earned a Master of Social Work in 2013; Earned a Master of Public Administration in 2016;  Adjunct Professor in the School of Social Work at Nazareth College; Professional Expertise in trauma, anxiety, life transitions, relationships, cultural diversity & humility.


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